Susan Bryant & Seeds of Advice

My name is Susan Bryant. I specialise in developing financial planning strategies for well-established rural families who want a better future for their farm and their family.


I’m all about helping families find their own stories and I breathe life into the dreams and aspirations you have for the ones here now and for those to come.


I believe family is at the heart of everything we hold dear. There’s a generation of farmers who want to find a better way to manage the family farm to the next generation and build a meaningful life for themselves beyond the farm gate. Family is at the heart of their decision making.


Without proper planning what is at risk is the financial future of the land, the business and the family. With no retirement plan and no succession plan, you end up with financial pressure, family tensions and missed opportunity for growth and innovation.


I believe it’s imperative for rural families to take control of their future, to build better family relationships, to do things a better way than their fathers, to have a comfortable life beyond the farm and to gift an opportunity to the next generation, and to still all stay friends.


I’ve been an advisor for more than 30 years, 20 of those in Toowoomba, working with rural families, firstly with a big bank and then with a small independently owned practice.


I then spent a further decade working in Private Wealth Management in both Sydney and Brisbane working with wealthy dynastic families.


The lessons I learnt from how these families deal with wealth I now pass on to my clients.


Apart from the land, my passion is art and I am a founding Member of the Foundation for the  Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane. My easel is always set up at home and I try and get away to a workshop once a year!


Susan Bryant, AFP